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Dr. José Roberto Victoria Nandayapa

Primary Specialty: Internal Medicine.

Secondary Specialty: Clinical Cardiology Subspecialty: Hemodynamics and Interventional Cardiology.  

He is currently a member of the Staff of Clinical Cardiologists and Interventional Cardiologists at Hospital San José in Hermosillo Sonora.

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What does a Cardiologist do?


- Treatment of atherosclerotic disease of the coronary arteries.

- Treatment of sick heart valves.​​

- Congenital heart disease.

​- Diseases of the peripheral arteries


- Pacemaker implantation.


What do you have to know about a

interventional cardiologist?

The Interventional Cardiologist is a doctor who has made a High Specialty in addition to Cardiology receives special training in the use of catheters, contrast media and fluoroscopy, is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease.


The Interventional Cardiologist, unlike the surgeon, does not operate.

Therefore, it does not require a wound to open the thorax and reach the heart. Its procedures are  It is performed through a small wound of between 2 mm and 5 mm in the skin, either radially (arm) or Femoral (leg) depending on the disease to be treated. A catheter (a tube) with an average thickness of 2  4 mm that reaches the heart and the therapeutic procedure is performed through this route.

Since these types of procedures do not involve open-heart surgery, they are considered minimally invasive surgery.

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