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In the last 10 years, the Internet or WWW has allowed information to be accessible and available with just a "click" away   (WWW  English expression for the World Wide Web that describes the hypertext document system that is are linked to each other and are accessed through Internet) Information related to health, diseases  and their treatment has not been the exception, now it is possible to find practically all the information on any disease on the Internet. 


The level of information available may be structured with medical terms and technicalities and be directed to the consultation of health professionals and usually requires the reader to have knowledge of this type of terminology.  Either the information is explicitly presented to the general public.


Currently, after the interview or medical consultation, it is very common for the patient or their relatives to consult sources of information on the network to acquire more information and data that facilitate the understanding of the diseases and (the) treatment (s) available.


Searching for information on the net  You must be careful to ensure that the source is reliable and that it provides reliable and realistic information.


The same patient can ask his doctor to recommend a site, or when the interested party performs the search, he prefers the sites with the ending .org or .edu that are usually supported by national or regional medical societies.

The page It has been published since 2002 as a support method to help Dr. Roberto Victoria Nandayapa offer information on diagnostic methods with catheters and interventional treatment techniques for coronary arteries.


In 2008, the CARDIOINTERVENTION page was redesigned, which  It continued to basically offer information related to cardiac catheterization and coronary intervention procedures, but it was expanded to offer more information regarding the description of the procedure, equipment, risks and complications, diagnostic methods, and procedures in other non-cardiac vascular beds. Always taking care that the information is in clear language and without using medical technicalities.  


Since 2007, the information has been greatly enriched with the availability of three-dimensional images by multislice tomography and the new coronary angiography equipment with digital images available in the city of Hermosillo, Sonora.  In this way, the author was able to collect images of patients and real clinical cases (respecting the privacy of the patient) that have been used to exemplify and facilitate the explanation of diseases.


In addition, given that part of the professional activity of  Dr. Roberto Victoria Nandayapa is health care information was increased in relation to heart disease, atherosclerosis, hypertension and the disease of diseases that are so associated with cardiovascular disease such as diabetes.


The author's description and comments are based on scientific knowledge endorsed by international cardiology societies and on the author's experience.

On each page, references from the scientific reference bibliography will be noted and links to other pages that expand the information will be noted.


Dr. José Roberto Victoria Nandayapa

Primary Specialty: Internal Medicine Secondary Specialty: Clinical Cardiology Subspecialty in Hemodynamics and Interventional Cardiology  

Dr. Victoria-Nandayapa began his private professional practice in October 2000 at the CIMA Hermosillo Hospital. In 2007 with the inauguration of the Hospital San José   Dr. Victoria-Nandayapa  extended his services to Hospital San José Hermosillo and joined the Staff of Clinical Cardiologists and Interventional Cardiologists at Hospital San José. 

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